Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

Have you considered getting more involved with your local PMI Chapter? Serving as a board member is a great way to build local connections, learn new skills, and leverage your strengths!

All PMI certification holders must earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to maintain their PMI certifications. These PDHs can be earned through various professional development activities that include Giving Back and Volunteering on your local chapter board.  You can earn between 6 to 25 PDUs a year!  Although volunteering is a great way to earn PDUs, you do not have to have a PMP certification to be a Board member.

Serving as a Board member can help you develop networking skills, communication and presentation skills, in-depth knowledge of PMI credentials, delegation, and negotiation skills, just to name a few. A Board member spends approximately 10-12 hours per month as a volunteer, which includes board meetings, chapter meetings, and duties for the office held. The President and President-Elect Board members serve a 1-year term.  All other Board members serve a 2-year term. You do not have to be a current Board member to be the President or President-Elect.

We have several exciting opportunities to serve on the PMI Chattanooga Chapter Board for 2022:

• President

• President-Elect

• VP Membership

• VP Programs

• VP Training & Development

Are you interested in seeing our Board in action? Sit in on a monthly board meeting. We meet on the second Tuesday of the month from 6-8pm. You can read more about the specific responsibilities of each role by visiting our PMI Chattanooga website.

We have an open call for nominations from today until November 15, 2021. Send your name, resume, and statement of your interest to

Board elections will start on November 16 and will be open for two weeks.  You will receive a communication when it is time to vote. Take advantage of this great opportunity to build in-demand skills

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

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